Walt Longmire Dvd Series

If you love the television show of the same name then you will love the new series of the Walt Longmire DVD series. The series is based on the book written by award winning author Craig Johnson and now has been adapted for the big screen to give us a movie experience that is in-keeping with the book.

However, before the long way into the movie the viewer is treated to the behind the scenes of the series and how the characters of the series and their families are more closely connected with each other. The movie itself starts off in Okemah, Oklahoma where our hero, Walt Longmire is living his dream and opening a new ranch. This becomes the setting for the story to be told.

Walt Longmire is married to his wife Donna and has two sons, Merle and Brodie. They live in harmony with their respective wives and children in their private oasis. They are enjoying life as one family in harmony without issues at home or on the road. One thing that they have left out is their ongoing relationship with Merle’s buddy, Curly.

In real life, Longmire was Curly’s best friend until he left to go work for a rival cattle company. Now they are on opposite sides of the law fighting for power. Not only is it an embarrassment to have two men from the same group of friends fighting but it’s also causing major problems for them and for the community as well.

Curly comes back to town but this time he has a gun in his hand. He does so to hunt down and eliminate Longmire and his family and his horses. He doesn’t understand why he had to leave his company but the fact is he wanted to bring them down and even seeks revenge.

Walt’s wife and daughter face the challenges of dealing with the reality of losing their close friend and now are facing up to his own problems with his son. Even though it is a tough time of year for their small town, the ranch opens its doors to a new rodeo rider.

If you don’t know who rodeo is, it is the greatest exhibition of horse and man athleticism there is and the cowboy that rides the longest is the champion. The ranch has built a reputation for hosting some of the best rodeos and most exciting men and women around.

The reality of being in the position that Walt Longmire finds himself in forces him to grow from a small town cowboy to a real person with real goals. He sets about to take charge of his life and turn it into what he wants it to be.

He is able to accomplish this goal with the help of his best friend, Billy Longmire. His decision to leave his family behind and move to California in search of success and fame leads him down the path of facing his past demons and becoming the cowboy he wants to be.

The Walt Longmire DVD series follows Walt’s journey all the way through to his eventual victory and triumph over his demons. It’s a sad story and also a very inspiring one.

When it comes to finding a Western movie that you enjoy then there is no better movie to watch than the Walt Longmire DVD series. It’s a must for any true fan of the genre.

A word of warning though – if you are considering getting a copy of the Walt Longmire DVD series for your collection then make sure you have time to sit down and really watch the entire series before committing to a purchase. You’ll be glad you did when you start watching and get hooked into the character.

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